What is OriginTrail?

OriginTrail – the Internet for the Global Supply Chain Imagine the global supply chain data in one place, where end-to-end info is shared & secured in a fully decentralized Knowledge Graph network, monitored with AI and Oracles, providing valuable insights for governments, businesses and consumers alike. Welcome to ODN (OriginTrail Decentralized Network), the heart of OriginTrail!
Why is it needed? Supply chain data is fragmented sitting in silos across Legacy systems like SAP and permissioned blockchains like IBM hyperledger, Vechain, etc. As such products cannot be traced from start to end. Now more than ever, in light of the current pandemic situation, pressure for integration, visibility and trust is demanded by consumers, which has been flagged globally by regulatory agencies and standardisation bodies, including the US FDA and GS1. To solve this, OriginTrail developed ODN, which is a 100% Decentralized, Open-source, and entirely TRAC token driven Knowledge Graph layer 2 solution on Ethereum. Knowledge Graph technology allows infinite scaling of data (tech utilized also by Google and Amazon). ODN can be used to share both public and private data, thus enabling all types of use cases, and has integrated the GS1, IOT and W3C standards.The ODN explorer search tool empowers for a “Google” like approach to connect the dots.
What is it for token holders?
  • TRAC Token is mandatory for businesses to use the solution, as means of collateral and payment to node holders. OriginTrail has developed nOS (Network Operating System) to automate the process, as simply as just buying Oracle Cloud credits. nOS converts the credits to TRAC by market buying from integrated exchanges and shares the data on ODN, removing all risks related to buying/holding crypto for the businesses.
  • Sharing data locks the TRAC reward for the needed duration, which could range from months to multiple years, thus effectively reducing the circulating supply. Rapid adoption would cause an ever-growing circulating supply squeeze.
  • Average return for running a 10k TRAC node nets a profit of multiples the VPS expenses.
  • OriginTrail can partner with all other supply chain projects, and essentially has no competitors as it is a complementary solution.
How it started and what’s the adoption?
  • The core team founded the business in 2011 to develop traceability solutions for businesses. Since 2016 started developing the blockchain concept resulting in mainnet release in 2019.
  • OriginTrail received the Walmart Spark Award in 2017.
  • The business arm of the project TraceLabs has established the TraceAlliance, with 89 members including Deloitte, Evrythng, Emurgo (business arm of Cardano), Te-FOOD etc.
  • OriginTrail team contributed to writing the GS1 blockchain positioning paper and is part of the GS1 workgroup to develop the next version of the standard, building relationships with the biggest players in the supply chain space.
  • British Standard Institution (BSI) implemented OriginTrail for all certifications including SCAN, whose 40 members ($1.25 trillion combined annual sales) include Walmart, Costco, Disney, Home Depot, Target, etc.
  • Core developers of Origintrail received EU grants for Smartagrihubs, Food Safety Marketplace, Demeter and several other projects, making ODN a centerpiece technology for supply chains and open data in Europe.
What is coming? 🦄 🚀 Q3 – Oracle framework – this will enable oracles to analyze data and act as trusted sources of information, transforming ODN to become one of the biggest Oracle sources for clean and verified corporate data, aiming to be one of the major players in the Oracle space. Q4 – Data Marketplace – ability to sell data on ODN, to be utilized by businesses, oracles and AI to obtain valuable insights from the global supply chain data Q3-Q4 – Work is undergoing on several high profile unannounced projects, which are due to be completed in Q3-Q4 👀. Q4 – Multiple additional data standards are to be implemented to expand the use cases beyond supply chain
Additional read: https://origintrailexplained.info/ – 20 min