OriginTrail Node Installation Guide for Dummies

Welcome to the Community set of guides for OriginTrail nodes installation, maintenance and automation. Here you can find the latest and most up-to-date information how to best manage your nodes.
For beginners it is advisable to start with docker installation as it allows more user friendly control over the whole process and maintenance.
The more advanced users could try manual installation, which takes less space and resources.
Also if you plan on running multiple nodes, you can check the automation section where you can find how to perform installation of multiple nodes at once, how to convert docker nodes to dockerless, how to efficiently backup your nodes and monitor them through telegram.
This website is being updated constantly and should you have any questions, you can join the Community Node runners support group: https://t.me/otnodegroup
If you have questions about the ansible automations and are keen to learn how to take your node management skills to the next level, you can also join the Ansible advanced users telegram group: https://t.me/otnodes